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Write For Us


Original content

Getting inspired is cool. But plagiarism? Well, it’s a big no! We ’d accept only original ideas penned with importantpassion.However, please credit the source as demanded, If you’re citing another work anywhere. Any and all reproduced content will be properly rejected.

Promotional content

We get it. You ’d like to give your brand some visibility with guest blogging. But, compendiums come first and let’s add value foremost. Promotional or advertorial posts won’t be entertained unless it imparts value to our compendiums . You can talk about yourself brand at the devoted author bio we’ve for you!

Content motifs & word count

We do n’t keep a strict limit on the word count. still, any composition between 1000- 2600 words work OK ! Also, we give a laddie more significance to certain motifs that pertain to our sphere. videlicet client experience, hand experience, and product experience.

Format & frame

insure your content has a logical inflow and is fluently understood by our different followership. You can submit your blog in any train format.

Links added

You can add external links to make the content more instructional. still, insure that it’s from believable sources. Any spammy links that we find would be removed incontinently. You can add a promotional/ advertorial links in the author memoir handed.

Images and info graphics

Pardon us as we speak the commonplace quotation- “ filmland speak a thousand words. ” So be sure to visually stun your post with applicable images andinfographics.However, be sure to credit them, If you’re citing an infographic from another source.


Say rubbish! So, memoir & head shot

shoot us your meet picture and a line that stylish describes you. And, there! Your author memoir is ready!




So If you can follow our terms and conditions, you can send your article. (Article Must Be in a Doc File)

Send the article on our Email: [email protected]